Have you got a favourite artist?

Have you got a favourite artist?

Have you got a favourite artist? 

If you have been investing over recent years in artwork, or you are now starting to collect artwork, you probably have various artists that you like and enjoy and that is good.  There is no need to diversify over thousands of different artists.  In fact, if you are looking to build up a sensible collection, I would always advise people to look at a handful of artists to begin with and then gradually expand these to accommodate other artwork, possibly in a similar vein, which can depend upon your own interests or enjoyment, but also some that are different, or more challenging to expand your portfolio and the potential earnings on an investment that you have now started the journey to make.

My favourite artist in 2007 was Kerry Darlington.  A friend of mine had a fantastic piece of artwork from her which was the first time that I had seen proper artwork (apart from going to art galleries) but this was me seeing it in the flesh – somebody I knew had this piece of artwork on the wall and, quite frankly, it was stunning!  Now I know it was one of Kerry Darlington’s early pieces and it was the “Tree of Life”.  Following her recent works, it is certainly still very good but not as good as some of the artworks that she produces now.  However, this is how your artwork grows and matures – because it grows and matures with the artists.

Kerry Darlington sold her pieces of artwork and a friend of mine bought that art (at the time) for approximately £600.  At the time, I thought it was a ridiculous amount of money to spend on something that was just hanging on the wall.  However, I did really like it, but at that time I had no money to spend on something like that.

Fortunately, over a few years, I was able to look at investing in art and collecting it following this first meeting with artwork in somebody’s house that I knew (other than a local artist producing a few daubs of local scenes).  I was then able to buy some of Kerry Darlington’s work that was around at the time which had increased in value and she was becoming quite popular.  I was able to see several pieces of hers and other artists over the period of time and so my art collection grew but, more importantly, my enjoyment for it grew as well and the interest in the artists and the works that they produced, whether I bought those pieces or not.

There are a variety of different artists and artwork that you can collect, ranging from classic, to modern, to good value, to local, all the way through to pop art, all of which are accommodated by vast numbers of artists.  You will need to see who you want to buy and introduce them to your home and go from there.

The artwork that I look to promote is artwork that I have and that I enjoy.  There is no point in me buying or introducing artists or artwork that I would not, myself, have hanging on my wall.  If you do not like the artwork that is available and that I have for sale, then that is absolutely fine but I will not diversify from the philosophy that any artwork being sold is something that I would hang on my wall.  If I do not think like that, then how can I be passionate about this subject?!

Martin Knipe

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