The Benefits of Buying Artwork for Pleasure and as an Investment

Artwork has, for many years, given the impression of being supremacy.  This is completely inaccurate.  The ability to collect artwork, whether it is one piece, or a hundred pieces, is not the turf of the rich and famous, but for anyone who enjoys certain pieces and has some disposable income that they can use to purchase a piece of artwork with.

Recently, I saw a program showing a young man who was extremely wealthy.  He had just spent £3.7million on a piece of artwork around 10ft x 10ft with the letter A and a full stop on it (A.).  That is all there was – a large letter A and a full stop!  Now, this is the type of artwork that I do not get and that some people look at and believe is what artwork is all about.  There are only a certain number of people who would spend that much money on anything, and certainly not on something as bizarre as a large letter A (or perhaps it was an extremely expensive full stop)!

However, it does show that artwork has a value and that value can be appreciated, regardless of the type of subject that it contains.  There are some people who are extremely fortunate in the art world, where their artwork is like gold dust and anyone who has their original paintings, sculptures or pictures see their investment rise rapidly. However, there are thousands of artists out there all producing beautiful art that anyone can look at buying.

We started our collection with a local artist, where we purchased commissioned pieces for as little as £150.  Of course, £150 can be a lot of money for someone, particularly tying it up in a piece of artwork.  However, £150 compared to a set of tyres on a car is excellent value, particularly when a set of tyres on a car does not go up in price.  (Yes, I know that tyres are needed for a car) but I am just trying to explain that it is not a huge amount of money and that there is the potential for growth in your investment, even at the extremely low end of the scale in purchasing the artwork.