Who We Are

Who We Are

We have been fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to develop, grow and love art over many years.

Following the closure of an art business that we used over several years, we wanted to find a way to promote and develop our love of art for others who are keen to use artwork as a tremendous source of enjoyment and one which makes sound commercial sense when buying artwork as an investment for the future.

Artwork comes in many different shapes, forms and sizes.  We make no apologies that the artwork we are looking to promote is, invariably, pieces that inspire and delight us.  This is because if you do not have a passion for what you are selling or promoting then, to be honest, it makes for a very dull life. With artwork, in particular – this cannot be the case.

We appreciate that there are thousands of artists, and that there are thousands of items that they produce every year.  However, most of which (and whilst understanding the amount of work that has gone into them) we do not share their passion for them.  We are looking to promote and provide our clients with a specific type of artwork that we enjoy and gain pleasure from and, in doing so, we can offer the purchaser the opportunity to increase their wealth over a period of time using the artwork as a perfect investment vehicle.

We have fortunately bought artwork over the last 10 to 15 years and our tastes have developed and have shown, fortunately, how art can (without being too crude) make money.

We want to share this with our clients.  We will offer a fresh vision in developing artwork so that they too can not only enjoy and grow to love the pieces that they buy but, over a period of time, they will also see financial growth in their investment.

We hope you enjoy this journey with us together.


Martin Knipe

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