What artist should I buy from?

What artist should I buy from?

What artist should I buy from? 

There are thousands and thousands of artists all over the world but I like to focus on UK based artists or, on the odd occasion, artists that spread across the Atlantic to us.

Artists can be old or young.  They can put a huge amount of time into their artwork or they can produce them on a regular basis.  The majority are extremely nice people and so it is important for you to have an understanding and appreciation of a range of artists as, like investors, you will want a spread of risk within your art collection.

What you like 

The first and most important part of choosing artists that you want to invest in is choosing the artwork that you like and going from there.

If you like the artwork and the artist, then you look to grow the investment and any art portfolio from that.

Different styles of artwork 

Artists tend to have their own style, which could be comedic, pop, traditional, oil, resin and so on.  All of them have their own styles which will have been developed over time and they do improve.  It is these improvements that you will like to see and which will help with your investment.

It is therefore important to look at different artists and how they design and build their collections and go from there.  Basically, what you like – you buy.

Different prices for different artworks by the same artist 

There are some artists that have made, and will make, considerable money from their artwork.  These artists also produce other pieces which are simpler for them to produce and which you can get involved with in your art collection.  The very nature of an artist being popular means that the prices of the smaller pieces at the bottom of their portfolio will be dragged up by the increase in value of pieces at the top.

The important thing to remember is that you must buy on budget at a price that you want to and with artwork that you actually want.

Artists are nice people

Many people ignore this fact but I think it is an important aspect that if you want to buy artwork from someone, you have got to buy it from someone that you like and that you get on with.

If you buy sufficient pieces of artwork, you do sometimes get the opportunity to meet an artist.  Many artists do ‘meet and greet’ sessions on a regular basis up and down the country.  It is therefore straightforward to meet them if you wanted to.  Most are absolutely delighted that people want to buy their artwork and so they are always glad to meet with people who purchase their items that they have made and produced.

It is not essential that you like the artists that you buy from, but I would say that it is important that it does happen.  This is because they are, in effect, producing a piece of work that you are investing in and if you do not trust or like them, then why would you want to do that?

Martin Knipe

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